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weightless bathroom procedures

A couple of ideas that I haven’t heard discussed elsewhere:

1. This is actually the real advantage of artificial gravity.  But it doesn’t have to be a 200 foot diameter rotating structure.  Playground merry-go-rounds routinely achieve 3 and 4 gees, and are only 8 or 9 feet across.  Place a toilet on the periphery of one of them, and spin it up to 1 or 2 gees, and voila, mission accomplished.

2. Helper.

A tyrant, intending to cause hardship to a country he had conquered, decreed that all eating utensils – forks, spoons, knives, must have 2 foot long handles.  He expected this would cause difficulty for the people trying to eat, and demoralize them.  When he toured the country later, the people were happier and seemed to be having even more fun.  They were feeding each other.

This seems gross in regards to bathroom procedures, but it should be considered.  We have nurses that help infants,  people with medical conditions, and the infirm – they help others with their bathroom procedures.  Weightlessness might be considered as a condition that necessitates helpers.

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