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The Coming Meteorite

Sometime soon, in the next decade or two, the earth will be hit by a sizeable meteorite that does significant damage. Something on the order of the Tungaska hit. The Tungaska meteorite hit thousands of miles from any population center, and devastated ten thousand square miles of Siberian wilderness.
The next big meteorite may very well hit a major world city, like Rome, or Moscow, or Los Angeles.
The religious fanatics will say it is God’s will, and reason that it was because of some evil people did.
The scientists will say it came too fast and was too big and we couldn’t do anything about it.
The politicians will blame each other and ask for more taxes to help the relief effort.

They will all be wrong.

If you see an accident on its way to happening, and do nothing to stop it, it is NOT God’s will that it happens.
If you see that something bad might happen, and do nothing to stop it, when it happens, it wasn’t because it was too fast, or too big.
If you know you should prepare to protect yourself, and do nothing to prepare, it is not the fault of the politicians.

We KNOW that meteorites hit the earth all the time. Meteor Crater in Arizona is evidence. The meteorite that exploded over Tungaska, Siberia in 1908 is evidence. The meteorite that exploded over northern Pennsylvania in 2001 is evidence. On any dark night you can go out and watch shooting stars – those are evidence that the earth gets hit from rocks from outer space all the time. We know this.

We KNOW we can do something about it now to prepare. We KNOW we can get orbiting space stations to interdict large meteorites. We KNOW this. We know it now. We know it is NOT God’s will. We know it is not too soon or too late. We know that if enough of us tell the politicians to do something about it, they will.

This isn’t something that we can set aside and hope that after it happens, we will learn how to do it better next time. The other disasters we prepare for – fire, volcanoes, Tsunamis, war, famine, storms, they haven’t ever destroyed 99% of all things living on earth. We know that large meteorite strikes on the earth have done so, probably several times.

I imagine the dinosaurs kept thinking: you know, maybe we should do something about those rocks that keep falling from the sky. And they never did.

We know we should do something about this. We should do something. Before its too late.

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