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Economic Development Zones on the Moon

Every organism, organization, or system must bring in more resources and energy than they use up in their daily activities in order to thrive and grow.

In order for exploration and development of the Moon and other space resources to be promoted, exploration and development needs to be rewarded. The explorers must bring in more resources and energy from the Moon than they use up in their exploration.

I propose a UN Resolution to set up
on the Moon, to create the legal environment where every nation on Earth can create and profit from Economic Development Zones on the Moon.

The dinosaurs became extinct because they did not have a space program. – Larry Niven, quoted by Arthur Clarke.

The Current legal regime for developing Space resources is based on several treaties under the auspices of the UN. They embody a philosophy that “The resources in Space are the heritage of all mankind.”
The Outer Space Treaty of 1967…….

and the Moon Treaty of 1982…….
Which prohibit any country from claiming sovereignty over any territory on a “Celestial Body”
And set up practically confiscatory practices if any organization actually managed to produce a profit. No private corporation will or should invest anything under those legal circumstances.

As Budgets constrict and resources get scarce on Earth, government space programs will get cut back.
But we – the Earth – need a robust Space Program.
Nations of Earth can share the resources of the Moon immediately if they realize they can apportion Moon property equitably through the Agency of the UN. Every nation on Earth has an equal stake in Space development. No nation should be left behind. There are approximately 200 nation-states as current members of the UN, with possible new ones developing in the the future. If we reserve 300 areas for National land grants of 20,000 square kilometers on the Moon, there would be plenty of space for every nation to have a non-transferable, perpetual stake of Moon property.
The UN could also apportion to each nation a similar 20,000 square kilometer area, for a national economic development land grant. These lands would be available for the nation to sell, lease, apportion to their citizens, or administer in whatever way they see fit.

No nation would be left behind, and no nation could be locked out of space development.

In such a way, every nation could realize immediate funds from the sale of Moon property.

Click on the following link to open a PowerPoint presentation with further explanations.

Economic Development Zones on the Moon

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